Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello, blogging world. My name is not Heidi Rosebud. But that's what you can call me! Or just Heidi, if you prefer.

Here are some things about myself:
My favorite colors are yellow and grey, but I really like most colors. My favorite TV show right now is Gilmore Girls (oh how I would love to be Rory!). My favorite singer right now is Ray LaMontagne (Shelter is so pretty). I'm not sure what my favorite movie is, but I really like Dan in Real Life (more than anyone should, I think), and I saw Penelope recently and liked that a lot as well. I like James McAvoy, but I won't say he's my favorite actor, because the fact that he's an actor doesn't really matter to me.

I like crafting, weddings, names, organization, details, etsy, babies, accents, potlucks, linen, buttons, FireKing Primrose dishes, among other things!

We'll see how this goes!

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