Thursday, January 8, 2009

So, I love Polyvore. It has allowed a girl like me (who has no photoshop sort of program or knowledge of such things) to make inspiration boards! I was jonesing to actually see all the individual pictures I loved put together.

my wedding day by floral

woodsy wedding by floral

If I were to have a wedding in the woods, this is the sort of thing I'd do. They're quite similar, but the first one is more by the lake and the second is more in the middle of the woods, even though I put that lake picture in there. Also the first one is a little bit more fancy to me.

wedding by floral

If I had it in my parent's backyard (which is an idea that I like a lot) I'd have it more like this. A few of the same pictures, because I basically have one idea that I would slightly change depending on the surrounding.

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