Friday, May 29, 2009

I love the styling of the groom of Tec Petaja's latest project.

I've lately become very interested in men's style. I think it's because not enough guys out there really take advantage of the great options they have. In my opinion, it's quite easy to be stylish for guys. I just care more about guys looking good than girls looking good, for some reason.

I feel like with most weddings, people put more emphasis on the girls and just stick the guys with ill-fitting rental suits. I care more about my [hypothetical future] husband looking hot on our wedding day and me looking hot. But that's just me.

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alissa said...

good call! i agree, the guys get neglected. although my husband didnt really want more than the rented tux haha so i guess as long as theyre happy!

thanks for visitng my blog! i loved your comment on perez!